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Collier Golden Bubble Pendant Necklace


Sao Feather Earrings


Gold Bracelets (Set of 3)


Ulani Earrings


Comedia Earrings


Orphee Teardrop Earrings


Quartz Rose 3 Stone Choker Necklace


Flower Candies Earrings


Daisy Rodochrosite Stud Earrings


Onde Gourmette Double Earrings


Cowry Shell Necklace


Multi Color Pearl Stretch Bracelet

$38.00 $29.99

Multi Color Pearl Stretch Bracelet

$38.00 $29.99

Neon 3-Piece Stretch Bracelet


Happy Malachite Clip earrings


Gaia Feather Earrings



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